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~ Select ‘Artists Name’ (most recent at the top, rest in alphabetical order), with usually at least three folders.

Consistently some of the very best live music concert photography and videos from any given venue. We get RESULTS on Stage (and off), during Concerts, Live Music Shows, and Events! Just let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations!

We capture ‘the shots’ without getting in the way.

We know our CAMERA(s) and are in control of the SETTINGS, and have experience shooting in a variety of challenging real-world conditions.

Crowds are important, they help feed energy to the performers on stage, it’s our job to capture some of those moments, expressions, so we can help impress the artists, labels,  media & fans after the fact.

We make the best (and most) out of whatever lighting there is (or isn’t)… and love shooting high energy mega concerts, as well as mellow shows in smaller venues.

Lead Singers

There are some outstanding people out there… whose sole goal is entertaining the crowd; our purpose is to capture those moments, with some of the best images possible. Everyone and their brother with a cell phone gets the lead singer, which we do too; however, we love capturing memorable and hopefully impressive images of every person on the stage, including the people in the back… in the shadows… that are usually tough (to impossible) to capture good images of.  Our Drummer images are consistently considered some of the very best.


We capture the motion & movement of percussionists’ – especially of their sticks or hands… better than 99.99% of the people holding cameras! And we do that at virtually every single shoot without fail! The results of our images speak for themselves.

Guitar Players

We shoot a variety of types and styles of images, both wide (landscape) and tall (portrait) at each show. If an artist needs us to shoot with more open space for text or promotional stuff, we can accommodate that as well.

Other Instruments

It’s our job to capture the best images (whether still or video) we can.

Again, if you’re looking for pictures from a shoot we’ve done, it’s likely on ~ Select ‘Concerts‘ – Under the ‘Band/Artists Name’ (most recent at the top, rest in alphabetical order). In general, ‘Top Shots’ are what ‘we’ believe to be the best & most unique of that shoot, ‘People’ are involving the crowd, meet & greet (if shot), and audience in general, ‘Other’ are often some hidden gems, but usually very close to, or not as good as (in our subjective opinion) the images that made it to the ‘Top Shots’ folder. All images can be purchased for download web or print ready, for personal use without any further discussion. Prints are available, from 4×6 to 24×36 on most all images, on a variety of options (gloss, matte, luster, metallic, canvas, etc.) If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us directly.

See an image you love? You can purchase downloads or prints for personal use. If you’re in the image(s), there is a special offer for BANDMEMBERS to purchase images for COMMERCIAL USE for the actual members of the band, without our watermark on the images, is cheap (seriously, $10 a image mentions of our sponsor, $50 without mentions (but non-merchandising use); or for just $250 you can get unlimited, no watermarks, for Merchandising Use (EP’s, Posters, Tear Sheets, fresbee’s, hankies, t-shirts, etc.). It’s that easy.

Images generally remain editable on our local computer(s) for about 30 days. After that they are archived, and may require an additional charge if you want something tweaked, altered, or changed to any of the images uploaded. Some artists LOVE OUR IMAGE TWEAKS! Because we can really make some images pop, stand out, and look different than 99% of the images venues regularly see of bands. The fans love prints & posters (the merchability is amazing with great tweaked images).

Thank YOU, for visiting our site, and considering our services.

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