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Terry Mercer Carly Rodgers
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Terry first picked up a camera at age 10, a very long time ago. Shot nature & sports action for over a dozen years, and transitioned to the warmer & dryer concert venue shooting a few years ago. If he’s at a venue, you can’t miss him… at 6’6″ in boots, he’s bouncing all over – from the pit to the fringes – looking for angles, positions, lighting opportunities, and even sometimes standing on stuff to ‘get the shot.’ For years, he’s specialized in capturing some unique images that just anyone with a camera can’t capture… and he’s able to do it consistently. Carly also got her first camera at age 10, just a few years ago (she’s 29 and holding). She was a film photographer in the Airforce for 3 years, and a second shooter in engagement, wedding, and family photography with her late husband for nearly a dozen years. She & Terry teamed up November 2014, to increase the opportunities for some memorable imagery. She’s  able to capture some pretty awesome images.
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Gear List: That pretty much implies that the stove is responsible for the great food (or bad food), when ultimately it is the cook that did the work, has the experience, selected the ingredients, spices, and produces the finished results. Each presentation is unique. In general, there are only three reasons a photographer creates an itemized list of their gear: a) trying to show off or seem important, or b) attempting to intimidate new photographers about the costs of their gear, or c) (our goal generally), trying to help educate other photographers. (I have another web site to help educate budding photographers, TerryMercer.com/blog – this usually isn’t it… and my competition doesn’t need to know how or what I am doing or using, or my settings… because frankly it varies based on the situation & shoot).

If you’re a client, and you feel that knowing what type of gear we use is important to you, then HIRE US, I’m happy to explain what, why, and show you a quality finished product… and you’ll see some, to most, to all of it, in action, depending on the needs and complexity of the shoot.

We care about THE FINISHED PRODUCT, and use the appropriate, necessary and equipment to accomplish that.

For those few that are curious, still. If it helps, we shoot mostly Canon for still imagery, and Sony for Videos, all with a variety of lens & filter options, with necessary equipment (still camera, video, and sound… steady cams, cam vest, aerial photography, underwater equipment, track dolly, sliders, jib crane, mics, remote pan/tilt heads, HD recording and monitoring, etc) to get the job done. There’s well over a six figure retail value ready to be put to work to accomplish some great imagery. Ultimately, we bring what is necessary for the shoot we are doing, with backups and a great deal of experience.

TIME: the average 2 hour concert, to really do it right… the way we LIKE DOING IT, and HAVE a history of SUCCESS at capturing some high quality images… takes at least 400 to 1,000+ images per camera; depending on the venue, lighting, crowd, and ability to move around to different locations & angles within the venue, and stage. In general, 10% will be garbage (arm, hand, phone, head in the way, light change, artist moving faster than anticipated), but 10 to 20% are usually publishable and unique, about 30 – 40% are ‘good’ (but not as great as the ‘TOP SHOTS’). The downloading, rating, sorting, tweaking (removing red eye & zits), exporting, emailing to those necessary, and uploading to my site averages an additional 4 to 12 hours of actual working time for each hour of shoot time. Bad lighting and bigger crowds often add to the time it takes.

We have no issue showing appreciation to the venue, artist(s), and powers to be… that’s the responsible thing to do. But ‘giving’ anyone my copyright, my rights, my ability to make anything more on that shoot… IS NOT HAPPENING! Dang sure not for Free!

Ultimately, there are two ways ‘shots’ happen: pre-pay which is a wee bit of a gamble for the artist, but they get a certain number of images at a pre-determined package price for a fraction of what they would pay ‘after the fact.’ (Seriously, look at the work… either you think we can & will capture what you want & need, or you don’t). If you choose to wait until “After the Fact” then you can pick & choose, if there is nothing they love, like, or want… it’s my loss. However, if there is, then you’ll pay much more than the pre-paid package prices (especially if you’re a Member).

Bottom Line:


So, if you have a show or event… and want quality camera work, from responsible people that care about the quality of work, and professionalism toward your participants… at reasonable prices, give us a call to check availability and pricing.


Terry & Carly

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