It’s important to understand the difference between a snapshot and photograph, between a cell phone or amateur pictures and professionally processed images. It’s the experience, framing, angles, lighting, the time, and yes… the equipment, but mostly experience and time that make the difference.

The average ‘concert’ lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours… and often produces about 8 – 1200 images in total (when it’s a still photography shoot). From there, they are downloaded to a computer, rated (1 = garbage, a hand or something got in the way, or someone moved wrong; 2 = not great or too exact a match to other images; 3 = others, 4 = Top Shots… and 5’s, well they are usually considered awesome, publishable, and the best of the best).

Showing shaky cellphone videos might seem ‘better than nothing’ – and sometimes they can be; but more often than not, to new venues and fans that don’t know you, they make you (and your group) look (and sound) CHEAP. With video, sound is vital… after all, your music is all about THE SOUND. Good quality sound, and I do mean the recording ability (aside from the crowd, the ambiance of the venue, is vital).

The pricing for Live Concert Photography & Videos CAN VARY based on assorted factors:

~ Expectations ~

~ Time ~ both ‘for the shoot’ and the post processing… and travel (if not otherwise planned, or common shoot location).

~ Number of takes/rarity requirements (ie. ‘once in a life time’ – no do overs – type shoots usually require more than one camera, more than one person, more than one set of angles, prior planning, test shots, backups, and other considerations; therefore costs more to capture the moment.)

~ Turn around time (dead line) requirements

~ Number of Cameras – Most still shoots involve 1 to 3 cameras. Most video shoots have 1 to 4+ cameras. For video, I prefer to have a minimum of 1 static camera on a tripod (when able to be safely out of the way from crowd/traffic, and 1 in motion for key shots and tighter controls. However, 1-take shows require 3, 5, 7, 10+ cameras to really do the job right… if there is only ‘one take’ (or chance).

~ Number of video/helpers needed ~ depends on the number of cameras, expectations, and requirements.

~ Quality of Sound Recording Needed/expectation ~ I can sync to studio recordings, or digital board recordings, or set up my own recording equipment to capture ambient sounds and direct from up to 16 XLR’s (me doing the sound does require an extra person or multiple takes)

~ Amount of editing necessary ~ the expectations & need is what makes the difference here, the number of cameras, sound source(s), overlays, transitions, text & sound effect additives, voice overs (if used), etc. all impact the time spent after the shoot.

~ Location (travel & Set up time, and special equipment needs) ~

~ Set & props requirements (especially if I have to supply, or deal with something out of the ordinary)

~ PEOPLE – aside from the band/artist, and videographer (extra camera people and sound crew)… will there be a ‘cast’ (models, characters, actors, actresses, stand ins, etc.)?

~ Weather ~ (dangerous storm weather, outdoors in rain or freezing cold, have higher costs)

~ Underwater & Aerial work has a higher cost, depending on needs

~ Slow Mo & SUPER SLOW MO ~ I can currently shoot basic slow mo (60 frames per second), but I have access to equipment that is capable of shooting 120, 240, 480, and upto 1,000 frames PER SECOND for the supper slow motion effects. And, of course can rent and use the stuff that is even faster if so necessary (and the money is right).

~ Unforeseen, unknown, special equipment requirements… will add to the cost.

~ There is also a difference in cost, value, and expectations between PERSONAL use (among friends & family), Small Business (local) use, and Commercial Use (national/unlimited).

~ And there are some cost potential cost savings (or differences) depending on the use, if my sponsor is being named, or it’s unmentioned. (Where & how, and the promotional advantages for my sponsor (and myself) matter, and can impact the price.

There are a variety of background music options… animation, overlay, graphical backgrounds, and high-end editing options available in our library at additional costs.

The goal is perfection… and working within the parameters and limits the given shoot and budget requires.

Let us know what you’re looking for, need, and expect… and we’ll gladly quote you a price and/or ask the questions necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Samples of our work can be seen at – under CONCERTS.


Terry Mercer

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