I was told, many years ago, that a ‘true’ musician… especially in the beginning, is often “someone who will load $5,000 worth of gear into a $500 vehicle to drive 100 miles to do a $50 gig… and often times spends more than they made on food & drink after their show.”

Many give up, or just remain local… with their art a ‘part time’ or ‘some times’ gig. Those that persist, and continue, do so for the love of their art, desire to share their skills & perceptions of some facet of life. To create & entertain, to do something they enjoy, and to build a legacy their family & friends can be proud of, and to prove THEY CAN DO IT!

It’s often a long, slow road, filled with hills, valleys, bumps, cliffs, turns, dead ends, and continual challenges. It’s not for the faint of heart, or weak willed. However, it’s pretty much the same for all ‘artists’ – whether they are behind a musical instrument, paint brush, pen (or computer) writing away, a pile of clay sculpting, or camera capturing moments & memories; to make a living at any type of “art” the challenge is building the fan base, the reputation, the consistency, and the dedicated persistent professionalism that people are willing to trust, spend money on, and demand more of.

Make no mistake, selling your art requires people selling you… you selling yourself – your time, skill, and artistic product… building a base of loyal fans, that regularly enjoy your art to the point they are willing to spend money on it… which, in turn, helps you make a living and grow your ‘business.’ And, make no mistake, YOU ARE A BUSINESS if you’re trying to earn a living from your art.

I’ve been told by all variety of venues that they don’t care how great or bad an artist is… as long as they can put “butts in the seats, which are willing to spend money IN the venue, and won’t tick off their customers.”

Think about that for a moment. You can have the best skill and art out there… but if you can’t ‘get the following’ – can’t ‘get the word out’ – can’t get people talking, showing, sharing, and helping to promote you… you won’t build that fan base, won’t sell tickets to your shows, or much of your work product. If you can’t regularly do those things, then you won’t easily or steadily make a living. You’ll struggle to pay your bills, expenses, taxes… and for more creations.

For Musicians, the first thing people will want to experience is THE SOUND, but to truly grow a fan base, the LOOK is just as vital as the sound & performance. It’s what people ‘see’ and ‘perceive’ when they combine the sound with the visual impact, that can make or break a musical artist. Elaborate stage effects cost money, and can’t happen without a fan base to support the show. The sound is vital, but the imagery is right there… because it’s what helps build the fan base & following. You can’t hang sound on the wall, or sign it… and that CD or digital recording doesn’t accomplish much on a Billboard or poster without photos. Few musicians can do what the band Boston did (remain invisible for years). Few can accomplish what KISS did, and hide behind masks and stage theatrics for decades.

That’s where StageResults comes into play. Photography & Video’s, both on and off the stage… from entry level artists to established musicians. Over 20 years of experience behind a camera, now working to help artists & musicians capture moments and memories, and build images their fans will appreciate, and new venues will want to use to help promote shows.

There are three categories of music clients that work with us:

Independent Artists
Music Industry Professionals

There are artists of all levels, and building long term working relationships is ultimately our secondary goal; second only to producing and providing high quality work that meets & exceeds our clients expectations.

Every artist… group and band needs good photography, benefits from quality videos… and in this day of internet fans, the imagery is just as vital as quality sound. Having imagery that captures attention, displays energy and/or emotion, and provokes some emotion for that artist is something we can help with. Just like recording to a web cam is very different than a studio production, venues and fans expect (want and need) better video than what comes out of a camera phone, goPro, or a friend or family member holding up a camera (or even setting one on a tripod). That’s where we come in…

Experience with the equipment, having the right type of gear for the job… post-process editing are all vital to the quality of the finished product. We strive to utilize & optimize the tools which will produce the best end results possible.

You can see some of the galleries of artists we’ve shot at: Terrymercer.com/concerts

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