The Concert Venues in Tennessee we most often shoot Photography & Videos at are:

Cotton Eyed Joe, Knoxville, Tennessee ~ You’ve heard the song, especially if you’ve lived in the south for any length of time. Cotton Eyed Joe & Rocky Top are iconic, sung about, and danced to. It’s best country entertainment in Knoxville. Over 25,000 sq ft, with a dance floor as big as a basketball court, bringing in top artists and independents to entertain customers for nearly twenty years. Just off Lovell Road, across the freeway (I-40) from Turkey Creek, turn left on Outlet Drive, just past the TA Truck Stop. Usually over 18 club, with the occasional ‘ALL AGES’ concerts & events, and Family Nights, particularly during the spring & summer months.


Two Doors Down ~ Maryville, Tennessee ~ Country, Rock n Roll, with some occasional Blue Grass & Pop artists stopping in to entertain the local crowd. This club caters to the over 21 crowd, with live music every Friday, Saturday, and open mic Jam Night every Tuesday, hosted Karaoke on Wednesdays & Thursday nights, dart boards, and a pool table.

Ole Smoky Moonshine’s “The Holler” ~ Gatlingburg, Tennessee ~ Far more than just Moonshine, though Ole Smoky is the first legal moonshine distillery in Tennessee. The Holler is Family Oriented Entertainment, FREE and open to the public… with ‘live shows’ going throughout the week, entertaining the community and tourists stopping in with a wide variety of artists, from blue grass and folk, to major country and pop artists. There are special shows through out the year, and while their facilities under the open canopy can occupy a lot of people, the rocking chairs fill up fast, and the standing room is quickly limited. Their ‘store’ has a variety of antiques from the ‘Moonshiner Days’ – and if you are over 21 (and curious) they have free ‘taste testing’ (The Black Berry, Apple Pie, and Big Orange are some of the favorites, with White Lightening sparking tingles in many toes). It’s 5 blocks from Aquarium, between Dicks Last Resort and Mellow Mushroom. They’ve just opened a new facility at the Island, in Pigeon Forge… by the Farris Wheel.

Different venues, arenas, and concert halls are welcome and possible, especially for still images and b-roll (filler) video.

Understand, sound and lighting may need to be seen & tested in the new venues the first time, before ‘quality’ sound & consistent high quality video can honestly be guaranteed (especially if we have to rely on ambient sound recording, rather than digital tracks direct from the board). Remember, the ‘house mix’ – is NOT USUALLY what you want for most video sound.

Contact us if you’re interested in having us shoot your show or event.


Other venues we have shot at in the East Tennessee area are:
~ Thompson Boling Arena
~ Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum
~ Bridgestone Arena (Nashville)
~ The Shed
~ UT Aquatics Center
~ Maryville College
~ Tennessee Theater
~ Smokey’s Stadium
~ Smokey Mountain Oprey
~ Midland Center (SlimFest)
~ Tennessee Riverboat Company
~ Green Acres Country Club
~ WaterFront Bar & Grill
~ Full Service BBQ
~ Louisville Marina
~ Cancun’s
~ Irish Times
~ Wild Wings
~ ParTy Pub
~ Smokey Mountain Brewery (Maryville & Turkey Creek)
~ Doc’s All-American Grill
~ The Orangery
~ Through Gatlingburg’s Main Street (Parade)
~ Through Gatlingburg & Pigeon Forge (Ole Smokey Moonshine Festival)
~ Townsend Main Street (Parade)
~ and, many others…

Ultimately, WE TRAVEL to the show, to the artist, and can shoot virtually anywhere in America.

There are a number of other venues & facilities we have shot at over the years, in: Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, as well as in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California. Virtually anything and everything is possible, depending on the needs, time, money, expectation, and availability.

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