Sometimes just having a good to great photograph isn’t enough…

~ it needs to spark emotion, set mood, provoke thought, create wonder, and ultimately STAND OUT from everyone & everything else!

This is particularly important for bands fighting for attention, trying to promote their ‘image’ – professionalism & quality… and getting that ‘toe in the door’ with something new and different. Here is the original image: as shot ~ it’s not a bad image… not the bands favorite from the shoot… but with the various options & treatment, some of these creations really pop & stand out. Yes, there are a few things I could have done a tad differently, but the focal point for THIS image was on the Lead Singer, Temper… in the center, with her guitar… I’d already had quite a few of the others, together & separately, and knew I’d be getting a few more before the shoot was over… but she was looking, and the scene looked right & good, to me… so SNAP. As I’ve learned that some of the most unique images are those ‘not posed’ – not yet staged – not rigid or forcing smiles, but just there… relaxed.

And, while some of these might not be your favorite or first choice, each of the images below were ‘derived from’ that same ‘original image’ – and many offer a completely different ‘feel’ and ‘look,’ though it’s ultimately the same base image. These have an overlay, or tweaks, or just a slightly different treatment to the ‘finished product’ just to demonstrate what some of the potential is. Some are are less than ‘awesome’ (no fault of the Band)… but they are left here as an example of some of the stuff that can be done to an image to change up the look & feel, to create attention, or capture a different mood for different audiences… and some artists might select 2 to 12 different looks, to rotate through… or to have for different types of venues, different purposes, and to stand out from other groups/bands on a poster or banner.

What I found the most interestingly, is that when 20 people were asked which their favorite image is, at least 12 to 25 different images were selected as the favorite. Each for completely individual and subjective reasons. When expanded, there is a ‘file name/number’ at the top of each image. I’m curious, which 3 images are YOUR FAVORITE… which 3 do you not like, and why? (Comment box at the bottom) When you click on an image it will expand, forward & backward arrows at the lower right, exist lower left; back button works too.

These are my personal favorites, for attention getting posters promoting a show at most any venue:

A special thanks to Temper Evans, Dereck Evans, Kris Jones, Scott Haley, and John Clay of “The Band Temper” for both doing the shoot, and trusting that they’d get some images they’d love.

(For the camera geeks: MKIII 5D, with 50mm f/1.2 at f2.8, ISO 100, 1/250th shutter speed, existing overhead, plus 1 Video CFL + 1 fill flash… they just sat down and kicked their feet up…. SNAP! No ‘posing’ no real direction, no pressure… yet. Post processing with Lightroom, photoshop, and a couple other image editors I like to employ)

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