Like most ‘Indies’ and ‘artist’ types that are working to build their brand, their fan base, and their income potential, we are struggling artists also. We know cameras, you know your instruments. We wish to capture amazing photographs (and impressive videos)… and you want to play music.

You have the talent and ability, but marketing, advertising, contracts, web development, and general business stuff is overwhelming or just too time consuming. You just wanna play… well, and get paid for doing what you love. Well, there may be options, help, and opportunities, especially if you have the ability & sound.

You’ve been playing (and/or singing) for a few years, but don’t have ‘the’ fan base you need… outside your family, friends, classmates, and those that frequent a few local places you occasionally play, which have all heard you play a hundred times or more.

The problem is

~ money… to promote yourself… getting some play in other cities & areas.
~ quality images, videos, and/or sound recordings… so you’re putting your best foot forward to new venues that haven’t seen or heard you.
~ you don’t know which direction to turn (or can’t afford the ‘standard game’ that starts requires a couple hundred thousand to maybe get a little notice, a little play).

One of the first things you might seriously consider, join a group that can help pool resources for artists ready to move to the next level. There is so much more to ‘music’ than just the music. There is a process, some steps which can help, and are necessary for EVERY artist. However, unless you are “connected” and have some powerful deep pocketed backers, you need to learn where and how to do more yourself, and how to hire or partner with people that can help you accomplish your dream, to further your path. Some labels tend to use some legalese to confuse new artists, so excited to ‘finally have’ A LABEL, they blindly trust the words… hoping they will be treated fairly, and have struck the proverbial ‘pot of gold.’ Well, there is a massive difference between ‘profit’ and ‘proceeds,’ but most artists don’t learn that lesson until it’s really too late, and the label has a ton of expenses used to off-set the proceeds to reduce the profit, of which the artist gets a percentage. Well, sadly, there are some stories of artists actually OWING LABELS a pile of money they’ll never see… because the label miscalculated success, or over charged, over spent, and associated other operating expenses to THAT ARTIST… so there were little to no profits.

You can learn to do more… hire wisely… and get deals that are MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL. Yes, you can SAVE some money on quality product & services such as the photography, videography, studio recordings, promotional material, resellable merchandise, and a variety of other things most artists want, need, and can benefit from. Having those things are key to building YOUR SUCCESS. Having that knowledge, of what is needed, what things usually cost, and how others might be willing to partner with you for some mutual success and cross promotional efforts, is key to helping you move forward for less expenses.

There are those that thrives on artists willing help themselves, willing to ‘pay their dues’ (literally & figuratively).

Now, Stage Results ~ aka ~ Terry & Carly ~ have a few sponsors, which may or may not be willing to help you (depending on your style & type of music, quality of songs, fan base, drive, dedication, perceived potential, and willingness to help those helping you). One of the primary business sponsors is a small company in the NUTRITION INDUSTRY, that felt it was wiser and better to HELP SELECTED & WILLING ARTISTS, than to spend money on advertising via tv, magazines, and conventional methods. They often help fund shoots, rent or supply equipment needed for certain projects, and even help cover some expenses at times. This company is MD’s Choice (aka They’ve been in business since 1995, incorporated in 98… and three key facts:

a) since 1998, their suggested retail prices on their key products have never raised, despite the costs fluctuating all over the place.
b) since the beginning, the doctors involved have NEVER drawn a salary. Their goal & motivation was creating a better product, for a specific purpose, that really works in the right way… that doesn’t mask or cover up the symptoms. And,
c) the key products, joint & digestion, have had a ‘Results Based Guarantee’ that’s not limited to 30 days or 1 bottle, since 1998… which is totally unheard of in the Nutritional Industry.

They have two sections: is for the human product, but many artists are animal lovers… and is their animal lineup. Both of high quality, functional PURE NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS (joint & digestion, as well as some other quality products) …

If you are interested, contact or 865-384-8556

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