Regardless of music style, quality, all successful bands have learned their success isn’t about ‘the music’ nearly as much as it’s about THE FANS! We clearly understand this!


It’s all about “BUTTS IN THE SEATS” and building a fan base willing to go to the shows, buy the music, spend money on the merch, bug the radio stations to play the tunes, and ultimately help actively promote the band.

Having good music, an entertaining show, emotionally sparking words, a beat that makes a body want to move, are all important. Music, after all, is a business! The successful bands have BUILT THEIR BRAND! Because they learned:


It’s THE FANS that are ultimately key to any band’s success.

There are thousands of extremely talented people that don’t have a fan base, haven’t figured out how to make a living doing what they love doing, and other than playing at some local dive, occasionally opening for some more successful group here or there… and sadly won’t really ever ‘break out’ of the local scene.

That’s where we can help.

We can help you get your message, style, personality, words, and music OUT THERE… and help you increase your fan base, your online presence, and popularity. We can deal with setting up, or dressing up, a website for you – and/or your band, which can be as impressive as your music.

We can work with you in creating (or upgrading), and promoting one or more of, the following services:

  1. EPK (Electronic Press Kit) ~ one for new Venues, another version for the media
  2. Pro-pages (Revebnation, BandsinTown, GigsSalad, etc.)
  3. Individual or Band Photos
  4. Live or Scripted Music Videos (particularly originals)
  5. Domain search,purchase, management, and maintenance
  6. Complete Website Design (or Re-designing)
  7. Web Development (PC, MAC, tablet, mobile)
  8. Payment gateway integration (basic to complex eCommerce)
  9. Kickstart or GoFundMe campaign
  10. Social Media posts (daily, weekly)

Having your own website would require a little bit of an investment, but CAN almost always fit within your budget. It wouldn’t take too much of your time; and having us create a site for you is far less time & stress than doing a studio recording or scripted video…

~ the domain name registration ($20 a year),
~ hosting (normally $25 a month, but for local small independent bands I’d do $10 a month ($100 a year pre-paid, $15 a month if not paid annually) for basic hosting & managing, with a couple polite ‘sponsor’ links), with a two year minimum contract, and agreement to our sponsor links.

Having some of OUR sponsor links on your web site means you’ll save a ton of costs on a basic design & set up (you still need to help supply the information and links you want mentioned). VALUE: for design time (is usually about $35 to 95+ an hour… with the average site costing $1500 to 5000+ just to get designed and set up, depending on how much you want done… and how much fancy stuff, and specialized applications). Our ‘offer’ is clearly a huge value to those that are serious, with our sponsor picking up most of the tab. However, I’ve learned that people tend to be more involved when they are invested, therefore I require the domain & basic hosting costs to be pre-paid, and need you to help with the basics of the words, links, and goals of your band.

Once the site is done, the yearly cost would be minimal – just the domain cost & hosting, unless you need a bunch of special applications, or a multi-product store with ‘payment processing’ (aside from paypal).

Here are some of examples of sites our team has put together, if you need to see what I’m talking about…

We’d create a nice basic setup – graphically & aesthetics…

We (you & I) deal with the words (we’ll help with the writing & editing as necessary), I’ll deal with getting a site design, put together a draft BEFORE GRAPHICS, with all the menus flowing nicely… then we’ll select the graphics (they can be captured, created, stock, or something you have permission to use)… then, after the site is set up you easily deal add posts & pages, giving you a great deal more flexibility. I can walk you through the login, and creation of your first post.

These are the pages I’d strongly suggest:

  1. Home page – obviously, all pages have to start somewhere. It can be a huge photograph & menu, or an intro… (much like stage results or DAS),
  2. photo gallery (thumb nails, click to expand),
  3. video links to YouTube channel and/or an embed video(s) directly on your page that demonstrates some of your best stuff (those first impressions are important, and you won’t want terrible videos to be what they see first)…
  4. An ABOUT ‘the band’ page – listing all the regular people, their photo & a short bio (who they are, what they play, why they joined the band, etc.) very important for the media, and fans… for media & photographers. They really need names for MetaData – search engine links, which in turn can help you & the band even more)…
  5. booking info page… who do they contact? when, how, why?
  6. tour schedule (where are you playing next? This can be a link to a site/page you’re already listed on).
  7. testimonials (past venue & fan words, links to media talking good about your sound/music/etc.)…
  8. industry links… (reverbnation, bands in town, facebook, twitter, what ever else you already have set up)… this links to all of those, and hopefully all of those reference back to this.
  9. a ‘sign up’ (fan form) – databased & emailed… to help you direct mail/email up coming events, special releases, and other information to your fan base.
  10. MERCH(andise) page – where they list stuff to sell… (payment processing might be an issue, depending on what you already have set up for cards or paypal).


In reality, the only pages that will need to really be updated will be the tour schedule, which could be a link to another site you already use to announce your schedule (so you aren’t duplicating efforts). You should update the site with new photos, videos, or stories you want to share every month, four, six, or twelve. Remember, you want your fans COMING TO YOUR SITE OFTEN… and sharing YOUR SITE ON FACEBOOK.

The sky is pretty much the limit for the type of information you want to share on your page. You could list the pros & cons of instruments and equipment you use, give shout-outs for venues you love playing at, discuss song or music ideas, what ever you do or don’t want. In general, the more ‘human’ you are to your fans, the more they will follow, participate, and talk about you to their family & friends… which in turn helps build your fan base.

Yes, social media is great, and we’ll add shares and link-ability to the assorted social pages. However, having YOUR OWN SITE gives you the power of out reach, of data collection, and BUILDING YOUR BRAND far more than any social site can. Plus, with the integration of ‘fan info’ collection… you get to build an email list, which can then be use for a variety of marketing things – merch sales, album releases, VIP ticket sales, club memberships, etc. etc.

You can get started by filling out the following form:

[huge_it_forms id=”8″]

Comparably, we are inexpensive, flexible, yet expandable. When you consider we’ve been developing web pages since the late 80’s (yep, before they were actually called ‘websites’) and it was a BBS (bulletin board system). HTML coding was just starting to be standardized in 1990… but through the 90’s, during the computer boom, we had over a thousand ‘domains’ (a few of which we still manage today).

Our goal is to EXCEED your expectation, and to be COST EFFECTIVE and FAIR (to you, us, and our sponsors).

Because of our sponsors, our price is actually less than what we charged to develop sites in the 90’s, and with the ‘basic’ to ‘intermediate’ needs, far less. These days, we aren’t ‘hard coding’ EVERYTHING. We aren’t needing to ‘do everything from scratch,’ because we have over 30 years of tools… resources, that help us design a site from start to finish in a fraction of the time it used to take (now, just a few hours for a decent draft site). But, despite all our experience, resources, and additional features you’d get with the sites we build, there are some people that still think they want other options.

They believe ‘cheaper’ will work, think they can do it themselves (after all, they have a facebook page, right?!?) Well, there are a whole lot of choices to be made in web development, and the coding (even on a template site) isn’t easy once you get past the basics. Some themes have serious pros & cons, some plugins will blow up a website (causing it to not function), some of the better tools cost money. There are tricks and traps in the world of web development, and it’s far more complicated than merely putting gas in your car, or taking it in to have the oil changed, or air in the tires checked. There are billions of web sites that aren’t user friendly on all browsers, or all computers… PC’s, MAC’s, Tablet’s, and more than won’t work at all on smart phone, merely because the ‘developer’ didn’t take those things into account (or doesn’t have the knowledge or proper tools).

There are massive sites that have broken links, because they just weren’t checked correctly… or someone changed something in one place, but not all the other places that references that place, so things got messed up and never gets fixed correctly.

There are boring sites, and over the top busy sites. Some that open a pile of other tabs to other sites (taking the end-user away from your site, your goals)… some web sites that flow nicely, and those which have over lapping text or photos, or stuff that makes a person scroll from side to side to see, not just up and down.

Our goal is to design stuff that works on all computers, tablets, smart phones… as well as all common web browsers.

If the money is there, I’d suggest additional domains, which links to your bands web page, for EACH BAND MEMBER… and any other ‘band names’ or ‘brands’ you’ve ever ‘been known’ by. It’s cheap advertising, and helps ‘pool’ your fan base… and could even allow for test marketing and assorted other things. The cost is minimal, and gets you an additional page on your website.

Example of BandsinTown ‘insert’

(if you’re close enough to the Knox/Nashville area, we may be able to help you create new videos for you… however, we are looking for bands that UNDERSTAND a) quality mixed & mastered studio sound is vital to a quality video, b) creating a quality video isn’t going to happen in one evenings ‘live show.’ c) it takes ever bit as much time (if not more) as it takes to mix and master a song for your CD.

We are interested in working with a band that i) has originals, ii) is generally ‘family friendly’ content in the majority of their music, iii) willing to commit to helping us and our sponsor(s), and iv) is willing to actually WORK WITH us (rather than just asking us to show up).

While we have a sponsor willing to help off-set most of the our costs, with your passive sponsorship listings, links, and mentions. Whether it’s a photo shoot, web design & hosting, video, or other services… they are willing to help off-set out time, editing costs, development, and creative tweaking…

However, we’ve learned that a band that doesn’t have anything to lose, or no money invested, tends to miss appointments, allow other stuff to get in the way, and sadly drops the proverbial ball more often than not. Therefore, we require retainers; sorta like that dentist office. If you show up, no problem… the deal is the deal, is the deal. However, if you fail to show up without giving us at least 10 days prior notice, or otherwise ‘drop the ball’ there will be a penalty. You will be charged for any expenses and lost opportunity we might otherwise have had. We won’t waste your time, so please don’t waste ours!

Embedded Your BEST Existing Video:

For web development ~ there is a non-refundable cost of $20 for each new domain, and it must be an open domain we can get registered on your behalf; you’ll have the final say on any available names. (Existing domains have a cost of $40 to transfer to our hosting, but that gains you two additional years of registration on transfers). Any hosting and basic web development is $100 a year minimum, two years minimum, with mentions of our sponsors.

Photo Shots ~ $150 minimum retainer (if local, within 20 miles of the Knoxville airport, or after a shoot we’re already doing).

Video work ~ $500 (100 per band member) retainer.

So long as we show up, and It’s non-refundable so long as we show up

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