Maybe you design your own website…

… or have someone you really like doing it for you.

Or, you already have something you’re pretty happy with, but really want to ADD some cool, powerful, and highly useful features that will help your site stand apart from your competition?

It’s all good. After all, there are only so many hours in a day, and there are literally billions of web sites… and we can’t do them all (nor would we want to). So, here’s the thought:

I know I’m old (pushing 60 far too fast and hard), and I know I’m NOT planning to ‘design’ or ‘host’ websites 10, 15, 20 years from now. So, I’ve had discussions with some of the actual programmers of a few select tools I use on some of our web designs, to see if I might gain ‘resale rights’ … the RIGHT TO OFFER YOU the ability to purchase and use some of these selected tools on your own website. Those sites I didn’t design, and don’t host. And SOME HAVE AGREED!

Next, the challenge was WHAT was the best way for you to LEARN MORE about these tools… and if you see the value, make the purchase, and then get a timely delivery of the software you’re buying? So, a few days ago, I set up a store at a site that is designed specifically for ‘delivery of software’ (zipped up) – 24/7/365; and they really don’t charge me much for that additional service. So, this is ultimately where I’ll initially list the tools, as they become available (so book mark the page, and check back often).

This first one you may, or may not have noticed, as it’s subtly ‘in your face’ – but because ‘facebook’ and ‘yahoo’ do it, you probably didn’t realize that 99.999% of the websites out there DO NOT DO IT. Really. And even when ‘it’ happens on those sites, it’s not even close to ‘the same’ or ‘as powerful’ as it can be on your site. What is ‘it’? Well, you have to have multiple ‘tabs’ open (above – top line of your browser)… if you do, jump to one of them for thirty seconds (without closing this tab). If you don’t “CLICK HERE” and just wait for a few seconds – watching your tab line.

Did you see it? The ‘FLASHING’ REMINDER MESSAGE?? You can not only make it say what ever you want, but you can also MAKE IT just return to the page, open a pop-up special offer or ‘signup’ form, or even jump to (or open in another tab) a completely different page. It’s cool, attention getting, positive (unless you abuse it)… and easy to configure with their new menuing system. The product is FOR WORD PRESS (only, at this point), but it can help keep your site from being ‘forgotten’ in ‘one of the many tabs’ at the top of your browser.

The really cool thing: THIS IS A LIFETIME PURCHASE (ONE TIME) – one charge, no subscription, no reoccurring fees. You buy it, you own it, you get to use it ON ALL YOUR OWN WEB SITES! (This feature usually costs $5 to 10 per month, per site, just have on a site.) Consider, if only have one site, at the $10 a month cost, and your site exists for 10 years, that’s 120 months, or $1200! Just for this one powerful feature! But this deal allows you to take advantage of this for a fraction of that, in a one time – lifetime purchase!

If you’re interested in learning more about it, check it out on the following link to the new ‘store’ area I’ll be adding these tools to as I’m able to gain the reseller rights:

Browser Tab Re-Engager

Another tool I stumbled across, that would specifically help anyone, from ‘newbies’ those just learning about ‘IM’ (internet marketing), to even some experienced part-time web professionals.

This Simple, 3-Part System Gets You High-Quality Traffic With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse… and how to capitalize on starting and promoting a Facebook Group. While the original creator says ‘as soon as today’ – that’s only if you spend about 1 to 4 hours listening to his tutorials; it is possible (just not immediate). You will need to put in a little effort, but all the starting tools for this project are included. So, if you really want to learn, improve, and get more traffic… this guy is good, and his presentation is excellent, which is why this link is here. Plus, there are some cool bonuses that are often added on for no extra charge a few hours a week.

This is especially useful for BANDS, FIGHTERS, SMALL BUSINESSES, and any artist. Despite me being ‘on’ and actively around computers since 1974 (see, I told ya I was old)… designing websites since the late 80’s… and on facebook since it began… I too learned a few things (and more useful tips) from this course, and his tools. THAT is why I’m listing them here, as a reseller:

Group Traffic Profits –

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